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Honey Candles® Beeswax Candles Debuts New Colors

beeswax candlesEvery few years Honey Candles gets an itch to make small changes. The time has come and we are pleased to announce our pure beeswax round pillars, votives and taper pairs will now be offered in two new colors – Glacier Teal and Paris Pink. No surprise, there is a story to the names.

We live in the Southeast corner of British Columbia, and are surrounded by mountains and glaciers. The older the glacial ice, the bluer it is. Glacial water is often a bluish green. We are known for some of the finest alpine recreation in the world. Whether it’s hiking, skiing or hang gliding the views are fantastic and the glaciers pull your eyes heavenwards. It wasn’t hard for us to agree on Glacier Teal for the new blue-green color now available at Honey Candles. We love the new color and think you will too!

pink beeswax tapersWe have been thinking of a pink candle for a while. We had experimented a bit with the Honey Candles® Pink Advent Candles. We made samples of pink earlier this year and asked a few customers what they thought of the new color. We took the bold step to send a pink taper pair to Paris with Honey Candles® owners Roy and Leah when they visited Paris in May. While they were there the pink taper pair visited one of the most famous Paris landmarks where some photos were taken. When we went searching for a name we found Paris Pink was already a named color. We couldn’t resist. Here’s Honey Candles® Paris Pink Taper pair next to the Eiffel Tower making a first appearance in Paris.

What do you think? Do you like the new colors? They are now available at our candle shop! Look under the round pillars, votives, or taper pairs.Beeswax Honey Candles are handmade of 100% pure beeswax in Canada.

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