Honey Candles® Beeswax Emergency Candle

Honey Candles® Beeswax Emergency Candle

beeswax emergency candlesI want to talk to you about beeswax emergency candles as a great gift for Mother's Day. Normally I wouldn’t be talking about beeswax Honey Candles Emergency Candles until Father’s Day but really moms are just as active and as likely to be out there hiking, kayaking and canoeing as the dads.

I like to have a beeswax emergency tin in my kayak when I set out in the summer. This photo is of Honey Candles co-owner, Leah, from last summer in her newly acquired kayak at the time. Bet she has a beeswax Honey Candles® Emergency Candle tucked in the hatch of her kayak.

My sister and friends were hiking two summers ago when British Columbia had a bad wasp year. They were several hours up the mountain when her friend stepped onto a wasp nest. In her efforts to get away she fell over a steep part of the trail and broke her ankle. My sister stayed with her friend and the other hiker headed to get help. It was already late. As it got darker and search and rescue hadn’t arrived yet my sister’s first thought was, “Isn’t this great. Here I am stuck on the mountain, we’re going to be here all night and I’m without Pat’s beeswax emergency candle!”

This story does have a happy ending. Pam said that she felt the Honey Candles® Emergency Candle would have supplied welcome heat and light during the wait for help. By the time a few members from search and rescue arrived they were in the dark. The search and rescue members brought provisions and lit a fire. They all stayed on the mountain that night but at least the women weren’t alone. In the morning the two were long-lined out. For you who don’t know, that’s when you are pulled out of a situation with a helicopter dangling by a line. I’m sure most of you have seen these similar dramatic scenes of back country rescues on the news. The hiking duo got to safety and I hear that they are back hiking again. I gave Pam a beeswax Honey Candles® Emergency Candle on her last visit to slip into her backpack for her next hiking adventure.

Even if your mom isn’t an outdoors person the Canadian government recommends that you have a candle in a tin with matches in your vehicle emergency kit. If you give her a beeswax emergency candle as a gift then you know that she has that item in the event of a winter road emergency and it is non-toxic. Our emergency candle has the added feature that with the metal straps attached that it can be used to heat water or soup. Beeswax burns three to four times hotter than paraffin and will provide more heat for longer than the same sized paraffin candle. Each Honey Candles Emergency Candle is designed to burn at least 24 hours as was recommended to us by a member of Search and Rescue.

Convinced that you need to get mom one for Mother’s Day? Maybe get one for you too. Here’s the link

Photo by Roy Honkanen


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