three rows of pearl beeswax double dipped heritage pillar candles

Honey Candles® Beeswax Pearl Heritage Drip Pillar Candles

beeswax white pillarsDue to the response from our customers to the Honey Candles® Heritage Drip Pillars we are now hand dripping Pearl beeswax Heritage Drip Pillars. Our Pearl beeswax is always in demand and the requests for it appear to be increasing. It seems like an obvious progression, to move from making only Natural to creating our newest Heritage Drip Pillar from Pearl beeswax. Like the original Heritage Drip each pillar is different. No two pillars are alike, similarly to handcrafted pottery where each finished piece may have a slightly different pattern and curve.

Honey Candles® Pearl Heritage Drip is available in three sizes, all 3¼ inches in diameter and 3 inches, 5 inches and 7 inches high. As with all Honey Candles the wicks are cotton and each candle is made with the same beautiful beeswax on the inside as you see on the outside. There is not a darker core. If you love our Heritage Drip we think you are going to be wowed when you see the same style done in Pearl. Check out Heritage Drip here at our on-line store.

Photo by Jill Anderson
Published By Pat Cattermole

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