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Honey Candles - Going from White to Pearl

beeswax candlesOur White pure beeswax candles are noticeably becoming ever more popular. Beeswax is white when the bees make it, but the bees mix it with propolis giving it the golden color. Propolis is mainly resins from the bark and leaf buds of specific trees. The resin is collected by the designated ‘propolis harvesters’  honey bees in the colony and then mixed with a little wax, honey and enzymes. Bees use the propolis like putty to seal cracks and openings in their hive and to strengthen and repair honey combs.

There are a few ways to return beeswax to white. We do it through our own natural filtration process right here in our shop. We are a natural product company and we do not use chemicals. There are only a few companies offering white or ivory beeswax candles as it is difficult to achieve and more expensive.

I like how the photo shows the difference between the natural and the white wax. The natural wax is where we start and the white wax is the result of our filtration process. The whiteness of the end product 'white' beeswax is dependent on how golden the wax was to start. It all goes back to the bees and the flowers they fed on.  Just as every bee and every type of flower are different, so is the final color of the beeswax. There are several shades of natural, which in turn means our filtered white beeswax candle may be different shades of white. That means beeswax candles from different batches of wax may not ‘match’ in color, whether they are white or natural. We do make batches of white to attain a certain level of consistency but there are 100+ shades of white. 

If you are interested in how beeswax is made check this out!

beeswax candlesMost of our customers love the warmth of the off-white beeswax candles we make, but there are some that say ‘white’ is misleading and they expected white like white paper (or paraffin). Because of this we have decided to change the name of our White beeswax to Pearl. White beeswax candles are very unique as the shades range from off-white to ivory. Pearl is a rich creamy white with the depth and purity often found in nature.

Change takes time but we are in the process. We hope to have made the complete transition to 'Pearl' for our new catalog next year.  You will be updated through blogs like this one as well as Facebook and newsletters. You will see the transition in the name change in our literature, labels and price lists. The UPC and item codes for the products will stay the same. You will see gradual changes on our on-line store.

Some of you might really like brilliant white wax. If that's the case Honey Candles® Pearl may not be for you. As for me, I am very proud of our warm white natural beeswax candles and I love the warm golden hue to the white when they burn. I like that they are handmade and are a product of Canada. I think the name change to Pearl is very appropriate. What do you think?

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I prefer a soft creamy white found in nature. So happy to have found you!
Pearl sounds lovely.


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