a man showing two children how to pour beeswax into the pillar candle molds

Honey Candles Life Program using Beeswax Scraps

We made 463 beeswax Life Candles in August with the help of two summer students working for us! Why are we so excited? Because we have made almost 2000 Life Candles since the program started. We love our Life Candle Program and can't wait to tell you about it!

All year we collect remnant beeswax scraps left over from pouring beeswax candles. Much of it we can throw back into the melter but when the colors mix together we can’t reuse it. We don’t want to waste it because beeswax in our minds is just too valuable. Every year or so we put it all together in one big melter. We bring the clean recyclable tins we have saved over the year and pour Life Candles. Although our staff did all the work this year we often involve children in that pour as we like the idea of children helping children.

The Best Part

The Life Candles are taken to a depot for Canadian Food for Children to be sent to families in crisis around the world. If we have children helping us, as they are pouring the candles they often comment and love the idea that the work they are doing is going to help someone somewhere in the world. Indeed the situation may be so dire that a candle may be a families’ only source of heat and light.

The Life Candle Program is one initiated by Honey Candles. It solves the problem for us as to what to do with remnant beeswax and we believe it supplies a valuable service to those families in need. Our Life Candles are quality handmade beeswax candles that we are proud to send. We consider beeswax the ‘superior’ natural candle wax as opposed to vegetable waxes. It is naturally long burning and non-toxic. When we include community children in the process we give them an opportunity to help us to help those families. We believe that we are involved in their growth and understanding about social responsibility.

A mutually beneficial situation in all ways! If you agree that our Life Candle Program is a good thing pin our info-photo to Pinterest or like this article! We love comments too!

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