Honey Candle staff showing her favorite orange lotus flower candle

Honey Candles Staff Favorite Candles

We were recently revising the information on our website about the Honey Candles team. There have been many changes since the last team photo was posted on our website and it was time for an update. We have chosen to feature each individual team member this time with a beeswax candle that they love!

It was interesting to us how many of the team chose beeswax pillar candles as their favorite. It was also noteworthy that staff that have been working here the longest prefer the Natural beeswax as opposed to the Colored. It’s really no surprise that so many of the staff think their favorite candle is a great gift idea! What we love we want to share with those we care about!

We suggest you go to Our Team page to see why everyone chose the beeswax candle they did to feature in their photo.

Photos by Jill Anderson
Published By Pat Cattermole

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