a large block of pearl (white) beeswax for do it yourself projects

At Honey Candles We Filter Our Own White Beeswax

I recently became aware that there is a story out there about white beeswax. There is a belief amongst some, that the equipment needed to filter beeswax until it is white is so sophisticated and expensive that no candle making company can do it themselves. As a matter of fact, it was said that candle making companies that say they filter their own white wax must be using peroxide or not telling the truth about the source.

I am here to say that might be true of some beeswax candle making companies but NOT Honey Candles Ltd. We have had the capability of filtering our natural wax AND carrying on the filtering process until we have white or as we call it ‘Pearl’ beeswax for some time. We have the beeswax processing equipment in our shop. It is all done through a natural filtering process – no toxic chemicals or bleaching. When the regular candle making staff goes home the beeswax filtering takes place. In the fall I went into the shop so Roy could show me the color changes the beeswax goes through as he filters starting from natural (at the top of the photo) until he has Pearl that is at the bottom of the photo.

Are you looking for 1 lb blocks of Pearl (white) beeswax to purchase? Honey Candles has that available.

To be clear - at Honey Candles we filter our own Pearl beeswax. But you knew that right?

Are you interested in finding out more about our ‘Pearl’ beeswax?

Do you want to know more about why the color of beeswax varies so much?

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