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How Beeswax Candles Touch Our Lives

Look around and see the way candles touch our lives. We have light by flicking the switch. That means burning candles is a choice we make because of the enjoyment they bring us.  If you choose to burn beeswax candles they will lighten and brighten your room and at the same time freshen and clean the air. Beeswax candles create ambiance and set the tone for romance. Some believe that the light provided by beeswax candles is similar to that of natural sunlight. They also smell so much better than paraffin. If you are burning beeswax birthday candles on your birthday cake you don’t need to worry about toxic emissions you might breathe or toxic wax melting on the cake.

Pure beeswax candles have been used since medieval times. Beeswax candles have always been pricier than the alternatives and were reserved for royalty and the church during those times and remain the candle of choice in many churches around the world. Purity is an important symbol in ritual, ceremony and celebration. More and more modern churches are choosing beeswax candles because they are clean burning and don’t soot, stain or smoke up delicate woodwork or art.

You don’t have to let the price of beeswax scare you. These days beeswax candles are an affordable luxury and you don’t have to be a duke or duchess to pay for them. In reality, beeswax burns longer naturally, without any hardeners or toxic additives so they aren’t as expensive as they might seem. You get value for your money because they will be around for you to enjoy a lot longer than most other candles. See some of the burn times of some of our most popular beeswax candles.

There are other beeswax candle benefits besides that they burn beautifully and make your house smell great. As previously mentioned they burn cleaner than other candles without creating black petroleum-based soot which can cause ghosting on your walls. They are virtually dripless without additives in a draft free environment. They do not go rancid like soy or palm wax candles. And if you see a nice frosty ‘bloom’ on them you know they are 100% pure beeswax. To find out how to remove the bloom link here.

Honey Candles® has an extensive selection of beeswax candles including beeswax scented with pure essential oils. They are the Honey Candles® Essentials line available as votives and in tins. Check on all that we have to offer at our on-line store. If you are a store owner you might like to register for the Honey Candles Wholesale Program.

Honey Candles® beeswax candles are handmade in Canada from 100% pure beeswax all sourced in Western Canada. 

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