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How Do I add Essential Oils to a Beeswax Candle?

“How do I add essential oils to one of your beeswax candles to make a lot of scent?”  I had someone call me with this question in the last couple months. They had essential oils that were different than the ones in our scented candles and they wanted to add their own.

I really didn’t hesitate with my answer. We don’t recommend that you put essential oils on your own into the pool of your beeswax candle. I know, I have explained this before so if you know about it already I don’t expect you to read about it again. But if you don’t know here are the reasons why.

Essential oils can be very volatile. If you add too much into the wax pool the oil can eventually ignite as it heats up and then you can have a dangerous situation.  In our research and development of Honey Candles® Essentials we tested and retested to get just the right amount of blended essential oils in our candles before we launched the line.

The original question expanded to, "How do I get that smell that spreads everywhere?"

The answer is only by using additives to create ‘throw’. We do not put additives with synthetic throw in our pure beeswax candles so we describe them as lightly infused.  They carry a nice light delicate scent but you won’t get that heavily perfumed lingering scent that you might be used to if you burn candles that are scented with synthetic fragrances.

In summary, we know at least one beeswax candle company says it’s okay to haphazardly add essential oils to the beeswax pool of your candle. But we DO NOT recommend this practice. The results may not be what you were hoping for and could be very dangerous if the added essential oils ignite.

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