Christmas display showcasing pure beeswax candles in tree, pine cone and sphere shapes and Christmas colors of red, green, white and natural

How do I make beeswax Candles part of my Christmas Decor?

No matter how grand your space or how small, you can make beeswax candles a central part of your holiday decor this year. Create a stunning Christmas display with a Made in Canada natural product. Honey Candles® beeswax candles are made of non-toxic, natural 100% pure beeswax - perfect for every home. 

I love Marlie's work and think she could be a store window designer. I want to share her great beeswax holiday candle decor suggestions with you. I am not going to say too much as I think a picture is worth a thousand words. But we value what you have to say so please comment as we would like to hear what you think!

We'll start by displaying Honey Candles® Ornamentals!  

beeswax decorative candle 

We move onto the Classic Red and Pearl Beeswax Honey Candles® display!

beeswax candles 

The grand finale is all the holiday beeswax Honey Candles®! Have we given you some great ideas for your store window or your home? You can take any part of these larger displays and make a mini-display for your home.

beeswax candles

 Don't forget to comment! Do you want some beeswax Honey Candles of your own? The on-line store is  a click away!

Photos by Marlie Marchewka



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