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How do I properly burn a beeswax votive candle?

Votives are a popular and versatile candle.  They are a great utility candle, can be used in beautiful candlescapes and are the perfect addition to afternoon tea.  Honey Candles votives can have a burn time of over 15 hours with the right care.  Our beeswax votives are designed to fully liquify provide beautiful light, and a soft honey aroma that offers hours of tranquility. There are several easy tips you can follow to ensure you get the most out of your pure beeswax votive burning experience.


Do votive candles need votive cups?

Yes!  Since Honey Candles votives fully liquify this is the most important thing to remember when choosing a candle holder. Without a cup you will have a waxy mess on your hands. Take all labels off the candle and place in a snug fitting cup.  This ensures the wax pool is tightly contained so the wick will be able to melt the wax right out to the edge consuming the maximum amount of wax. 


How long should a votive candle be burned for?

Votives are fairly versatile candles, but to avoid the candle tunneling down the middle, ensure the candle is burned long enough for the wax pool to melt out to the edge before extinguishing (typically an hour or two).  They can be burned in longer sessions too, even one long session, but please don’t leave your candle unattended.


Do I need to trim the wick on votive candles?

Unlike many other candles, votives require very little wick trimming and should not be trimmed before lighting. Simply place it in a votive cup and light at the base of the wick. If you find that your wick is smoking in a draft free environment or that the flame is flickering excessively, trim the wick to no less than ¼” and relight.


How should I extinguish a votive candle?

It’s always best to avoid blowing out your candles when you are finished burning them, it can cause the wick to smoke.  Instead when you are done burning your votive use a wick snuffer or wick dipper to extinguish the flame for a smokeless experience and easy future relight.


What’s the best way to clean a votive cup?

Votives have a large wick tab that keeps the flame centered in the liquified wax pool and disperses heat for a more even and complete burn. The wick tabs sometimes stick to the bottom of the votive cup after burning.  Place the votive in the freezer and once the wax is frozen and brittle, chip the tab and any remaining wax out (and old butter knife or spoon handle works great).  Hot water and an old rag will polish any remaining wax film off the cup.


With these simple tips the only thing left to decide is which Honey Candles votive to choose; classic natural, hexagon votives, our line of gorgeous colours, or the enticing smells of our essential oil scented votives.   Enjoy!


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