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How to be Green and Still Enjoy a Scented Candle

We have heard for some time about how fragranced candles really aren’t good for us. This is because fragranced candles use synthetic fragrance and ‘throw’. The common brand of additive to create throw is Vybar. I just spent quite a bit of time researching websites trying to find out what is in Vybar.  Vybar is made of a polymer. Polymers can be natural or synthetic. I looked all over the site to see which it was. I could not find it anywhere. Perhaps I missed it. A competitor of ours clearly states Vybar is a synthetic binding agent used to hold fragrance oil to the wax, so they must have been able to access information that I wasn’t able to. I could find nothing on the site that promotes Vybar to either prove, or disprove this statement but it is sold as an agent for the purpose our competitor has named. ‘Throw’ in a candle is to spread the fragrance throughout the room. It is considered by many to be an admirable quality of fragranced candles. Anyone who has allergies or sensitivities to synthetic fragrance would disagree. I have sympathy for those who are truly allergic. I am mildly sensitive to most fragrances and recently had to leave the laundry detergent aisle in a store because I had difficulty breathing. I was looking for unscented laundry soap in a sea of overly fragranced detergents.

Other additives to the usual run of the mill fragranced candles are UV inhibitors to reduce fading and luster crystals for hardness and glossy finishes. Perhaps as much as the additives, the wax used to make most fragranced candles is concerning. Soy wax and palm wax are considered natural waxes. To some extent they are in that they are vegetable waxes but they both come with environmental concerns either because they are GMO, are grown with one or more pesticides and or are implicated in deforestation and degradation of the rain forest. If the fragranced candles are traditional paraffin I consider them just plain toxic. Some of the same ingredients in paraffin are part of the list of toxins in cigarettes.

I think it’s time to move on to pure beeswax Honey Candles® Essentials. What’s in them? Our answer - only 100% pure natural beeswax acquired in Western Canada and the perfect amount of pure essential oils to scent them. They are lightly infused so the scent is not overwhelming and they are safe. Essential oils are oils and can be volatile if too much has been added to the candle. This is why we DO NOT recommend that you add your own essential oils to the wax pools of your candles. You have no idea that you may have added too much until they heat to the point that they burst into flames. Then you may have a dangerous situation. We spent months researching, developing and testing our essential oils to get it right.

What else is green about our Honey Candles® Essentials besides the ingredients? The simple packaging of our scented votives for one - made from recycled kraft cardboard display boxes, each votive is protected but not overdressed. When you are beeswax you don’t need frilly packaging to be beautiful. Forget the fancy little printed boxes from China that end up being thrown away. If you prefer tins ours are elegant on their own with a lid and a classy label – no box. Earth is screaming for us to stop overusing resources. You can have a beautiful natural candle without all the wasted packaging. 

Our Honey Candles® Essentials are available as Votives and Tins in six delightful scents made from all pure essential oil blends. Try our Outdoor candles in Citronella. Evening Bloom is wonderfully floral; Rosemary Mint is so pleasing; Kootenay Forest and Mulled Spice are hits for the holiday and Country Lavender is a traditional favorite.

We do like to share what our customers have to say about our candles. 

James from Fredericton NB bought several Honey Candles® Essentials Tins last fall, both for Christmas gifts and for himself. He had this to say, "We've tried the Mulled Spice tin and it has a great scent. Most of the other items we purchased will go out as Christmas gifts. I'm sure they will be enjoyed. I found you on-line when I was searching for products made in Canada. Good to know we still produce some top quality stuff!"

Rachel from Guelph ON was delighted to have found our Honey Candles Essentials! She said, "My candles arrived safely and I love them! I am starting a mobile Reiki business and was looking for an assortment of natural candles in tins that I could easily carry with me. I am happy to say I found what I was looking for at Honey Candles! With your candles I can let clients choose which scent they prefer, provide aromatherapy and purify the air, all during their Reiki treatment. Thank you!! I will definitely be purchasing more in the future."

Honey Candles® Essentials Votives and Tins are hand made in Canada and available on-line here. You won’t be sorry you checked them out.  As more people find them their popularity is growing all the time. Find out what the fuss is about!

Published By Pat Cattermole

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