how to store beeswax candles in tissue

Best Way to Store Beeswax Candles

One of our favourite things about beeswax is that it literally lasts forever. If you decide to invest in beeswax candles you don’t need to worry about them going rancid or getting brittle in storage while you wait for the perfect time to light them. For the record, we think the perfect time is always right now!

But there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your candles look great when you’re ready to use them

1. Keep them dust free

Not only do dusty candles not look as good as clean ones but dust can actually impact the performance of the candle by melting into the wax pool and clogging the wick. So, unless you’re an excellent housekeeper (we sure aren’t!) it’s best to keep candles boxed and/or wrapped in paper or tissue and stored in a drawer or cupboard until their ready to use. If you’ve got them out as a décor item we highly recommend enjoying them lit, believe us, it’s worth it!

2. Consider temperature

Room temperature is best, but another great feature of beeswax is that it is shelf stable even at extreme temperatures. In fact, we’ve never heard a report of our candles melting or losing their shape even when being shipped during summer to hot destinations. We’ve heard reports that storing beeswax candles in the freezer will increase the burn time but we can not confirm this. One thing to consider is beeswax becomes brittle in cold temperatures so is more likely to crack or break if dropped.

3. Embrace the bloom! (or don’t)

    Bloom is a whitish film that develops on natural beeswax over time. When you purchase high quality beeswax candles you can’t avoid bloom and, personally, we don’t think you should want to! It is an indicator of purity and cherished by candle connoisseurs. If undisturbed it often develops into beautiful crystalline patterns resembling snowflakes.  If the antiqued look just isn’t your thing, bloom can be buffed away with a soft, lint free, cloth or eliminated by using a blow dryer on its low heat setting being careful not to actually melt the candles! 

    A customer recently sent us this gorgeous example of a fully bloomed pillar candle that they'd had in storage. 

    Bloom on a beeswax candle

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