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How much do 100% pure beeswax Honey Candles® cost per hour to burn?

cost of burning beeswax candlesA major benefit of natural beeswax candles over other candles waxes is how long they burn without additives – giving you more bang for your buck! One of our customers recently brought up an issue with the burn time for column candles. She noticed the cost per hour of the column was much more than our other natural beeswax candles so didn’t feel it was a good candle to promote. Thanks to her, we decided to re-test the burn time for this popular candle and discovered it burns longer than we thought. We had the burn time listed as 12-16 hours. On three separate burns we got 19 hours, 21 hours and 29 hours. The longest burn time happened when we extinguished the candle many times. We have now changed the column burn time to 20-25 hrs to reflect the average burn time. When burning natural beeswax candles, make sure you follow our burning instructions. Each candle type needs to be cared for differently. For example, a Pillar needs to be burned for at least 3 hours on the first burn to create a wax pool, whereas Taper Pairs need less time. Please see the Candle Care section of our website for candle burning instructions. When you extinguish and re-light your natural beeswax candles many times you increase the burn time. Our burn times are listed start to finish without stopping. Many candle companies list their times by extinguishing multiple times. Draft and room temperature can also affect a candles burn time. Click here to see our burn times. We’ve found the most economical candles we make are 2" Votives –they have a very long burn time and a low price point.
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