beautiful beeswax heritage candle in a thanksgiving centerpiece with apples and pinecones

Ideas for a Beautiful Ecofriendly Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Fall is here, and Thanksgiving is close behind it in Canada! It’s the time of year to gather with family and friends to enjoy wonderful homecooked meals and great company. It’s also the time of year when we bring out our fall décor and match our homes to the beautiful colors outside. With Thanksgiving weekend coming up fast, seasonal centerpieces are filling our Pinterest feeds, but sometimes the suggestions can be more overwhelming than they are inspiring. By using select natural products like greenery and natural beeswax candles, your autumn centerpiece can be simple, beautiful, and ecofriendly, without costing a fortune and taking all day to curate!

Start with your base. Your base will set the tone for the theme of your centerpiece and determine its size. Whether you enjoy the rustic look of a wood plank and burlap or the clean look of glass with a white table runner, your base or centerpiece holder is where it all begins. If you can’t quite decide, try a hybrid of glass and burlap like we did!

Pick a focal point. Next decide what main item or items you want to stand out. In our case, we chose a decorative beeswax candle, the 5-inch Heritage Drip as our focal point. Other focal points may include sunflowers, a pumpkin, pinecones, squash or anything else you desire. Once you have chosen your focal point you can place them on your base as you desire. 

Add foliage and secondary items. Foliage and secondary items are typically smaller than your focal point, so they are added last to fill the blank space left after your larger items are placed. In our case we have used pine branches and cones, and apples to fill our display. Other great additions to your display can be maple leaves, smaller beeswax candles, cranberries, wheat, or gourds. When adding pure beeswax candles to your display ensure that they are raised above other items for safety and to ensure their warm amber glow can fully illuminate your centerpiece. 

We hope you enjoy making a Thanksgiving centerpiece and that these suggestions will make curating your beautiful, natural display easy and give you more time to spend enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend!
Published By Nicola Hum

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