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If Burning Beeswax Candles were like Making a Meal They Would Not be 'Fast Food'

beeswax decorative candlesI have to ask this question - are beeswax candles for everyone? Maybe not!  There are people who like fast food and there are those who like to take the time to prepare a homemade meal from scratch or cook gourmet. I believe there are those who would be better off flipping the light switch than taking the time to set up and maintain a natural 100% pure beeswax candle. Fortunately, we find that almost everyone who buys our beeswax candles are aware that they have acquired something special and bought it prepared to do what’s needed to make burning a beeswax candle an absolutely enjoyable experience.

Like fine gourmet food that is carefully prepared and watched, beeswax candles need to be attended to.  Be sure that you have a proper holder. A pillar or Honey Candles® Ornamental always needs to be burned on a pillar plate. Our beeswax Tealights need to be in tealight cups and Votives in proper votive cups. Once lit, they should never be left alone. If needed, they should be trimmed from time to time, especially beeswax pillars or Honey Candles® Ornamentals. Pillars also need to be burned at least three hours at a time to get a wide wax pool and to prevent ‘tunneling’. Do you admiring our beeswax Pine Cone? You can find it here.

beeswax square pillar candlesWhen you have burned your candle as long as you wish you can snuff out a taper or if it’s a pillar dunk the wick. If your beeswax candle is a pillar check before you re-light it to make sure the wick is about a ¼ inch long. Trim it if it’s longer and especially be sure to trim any ‘mushrooming’ from the last burn.

I’ve found people who love beeswax candles want to spend time with their candles. They don’t just light them and walk away. Indeed no one should. DO NOT LEAVE BURNING CANDLES UNATTENDED. For a beeswax candle lover this is not an imposition.  They want their candles to burn well. They want to get the best flame and light from it as is possible. They want to enjoy the sweet natural honey scent of a burning beeswax candle.  Beeswax candle lovers appreciate the skill that goes into making their beeswax candle that is handmade in Canada. They appreciate that it is not mass produced in Asia and that it is made of 100% pure Canadian beeswax.  Even the labels and packaging are made and printed in Canada of recycled and recyclable material.

Can't you just imagine the ambiance created by the glow of this beautiful square beeswax Honey Candles® Pillar in your home one of these fall evenings? How about you, are you a connoisseur of fine beeswax candles? Tell us about the way you care for your candles.

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