pure beeswax emergency tin candle for kayaking, camping and nature walks

It's Father's Day!

beeswax candle with citronellaIt’s Father’s Day next month.  Have you figured out what your dad would like this year?

What does he like to do? Does he hike, boat or ski? Does he like to camp, ATV or sled? If your dad is the outdoors type we have some good ideas for you.

In June, about Father’s Day actually, is when mosquitoes and other biting bugs start to make their presence known. Particularly in parts of the country where there has been flooding this year there will be biting bugs that make being outside less than perfect. Especially when you’re camping it’s no fun listening to the buzz of mosquitoes and even worse getting bit. Honey Candles has the solution. We have a beeswax outdoor candle in a tin infused with pure citronella oil. Does citronella work? Try our Honey Candles® Essentials Citronella Outdoor Candles in a tin and tell us what you think!

If Dad likes to get out into the backcountry whether it is skiing, snowmobiling, hiking or boating, he needs to be prepared. Our pure beeswax Emergency Candle is in a tin that burns 24 hours. It comes with matches and metal straps that stretch across the top to support a tin. That means you are able to heat water or food. Pure natural beeswax burns three times hotter than paraffin and provides that much more heat in an emergency. 100% pure beeswax is also naturally long burning without added toxic additives. A Honey Candles® Emergency Candle provides warmth, light, something to warm up food and comfort in any emergency. Be sure to tuck it into your back pack if you are hiking or skiing. Include it as part of your emergency supply kit on your snowmobile, ATV or kayak. And did you know that the Government of Canada specifically recommends an emergency candle in a tin be part of every vehicle emergency kit? For more information on our emergency candle I would suggest you read this.

There are so many reasons to choose a Honey Candles® Emergency Candle for Father’s Day this year. If your nearest store doesn’t stock them you can check it out on our on-line store.

Have you tried one of our Emergency Candles yet? We want to hear what you think!

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