a burnt candle with matches and other debris melted in the wax

Junk in Your Candles?

don't put junk in your candles

Do you leave your matches & debris in your Honey Candles® Pillar? If so you definitely are not burning your candles properly. We want you to be happy with your candles. We think a little candle care is going to go a long ways to help you enjoy them!

We recently had a Three Wick 6” x 6” Pillar returned. The customer complained that the candle had a blow out and wax ran over her table and on to the floor. After a brief inspection we found there was an accumulation of match debris in the candle. Match debris will ignite and has a bon fire effect.  The burning debris was close to the edge and resulted in a blow out and then a flood of wax.  Don’t let this happen to you!

It's important to keep match debris and wick trimmings out of your candle. You might even consider keeping a tin near your candle with a small amount of water in the bottom. Put spent matches and wick trimmings in it. If you wish to save your fingers from getting burned and to avoid the problem completely purchase an inexpensive candle lighter available at most hardware stores.To find out how to burn your Honey Candles® Pillar like an expert you may wish to read Are you Ready to Be An Expert on Honey Candles® Pure Beeswax Pillars?

The Health Canada website in their Candle Safety Section addresses the candle safety concern of debris left in candles along with other good information. Check it out.

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