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Making the Most of Earth Hour

Earth Hour is upon us this weekend. Saturday from 8:30 – 9:30pm people across the globe are encouraged to switch off their lights and electronics for the hour and take part in an initiative to reduce our environmental impact. While helping the environment, Earth Hour also gives us a great reason to go back to basics and spend some much needed time away from our modern devices. We’ve put together some simple suggestions for getting the most out of Earth Hour this year and for years to come.


Enjoy the tranquility

It isn’t often in our busy lives that we have a chance to simply stop and enjoy our surroundings. Earth Hour is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the moment, without harsh lights, bright screens or the sounds of our TVs and smartphones to offer their many distractions. You may want to catch up on your reading with a good book and the gentle glow of an eco-friendly Honey Candle Pillar. Or you may want to go outside and stargaze, or practice yoga in the company of a beeswax Gala candle. Find the activity that speaks to you and enjoy it without any distraction during the peacefulness of Earth Hour.


Spend time with family

If you are hoping for a more lively Earth Hour, there is no shortage of electronic-free activities you can do with family and friends. There’s no reason you can’t still play a game or build a puzzle together. Light the way with pure beeswax candles for an eco-friendly and electricity free way to illuminate your home and your game. There is no shortage of ways to enjoy each others company without phones or electricity. Having a candlelit dinner, complete with Honey Candles Tapers, is a great way to catch up with friends. If you’re feeling musical (or just want to try your hand at guitar), you can hold an acoustic jam session. Whatever the activity, you will find the best part is the dedicated time with family and friends free from distraction.


Make it a tradition

Earth Hour may officially come but once a year, but the more often we practice an hour without electricity, the greater the impact we will have. Whether monthly, or even weekly, making Earth Hour a tradition in your home is a great way to both help the environment and take a break from our dependence on technology. Knowing you are reducing your carbon footprint and giving your mind a consistent break from electronics will be good for our planet, and your own wellness.

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