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Making your own DIY Beeswax Fire Starters

The days are getting longer and warmer and summer is nearly here. It’s the time of year where we pack up the tent and sleeping bags and head out into the great outdoors to spend some quality time camping with friends and family. Camping is always filled with days spent cooking on the fire and evenings capped off with plenty of s’mores. There really is nothing quite as mesmerizing as an evening spent watching the flickering flames of a campfire. When it comes to ensuring you can effectively start a fire, whether it’s for a campfire cookout, a survival situation, or heating your home with a wood burning fireplace, beeswax from Honey Candles can serve as a great fire starter.

If you find that after burning a beeswax candle there is a small amount of wax leftover, you can save these pieces and once you have a stockpile use the wax to make your own DIY fire-starters. If you find that you don’t have very much leftover wax, or you simply want more, you can also choose from a variety of Honey Candles beeswax blocks.

To begin you will need something that will hold your beeswax firestarter. Egg cartons or cupcake baking cups work perfectly. The next step is to melt your leftover or blocks of wax. You can use a tin can in a pot of water to serve as a double boiler without coating one of your pots in wax. Once your wax is melted you can pour it into your chosen container. If you have access to sawdust or fine wood scraps, adding these to your fire starters can give them an even greater boost. Adding a short cotton wick will allow you to light your fire starter directly instead of lighting a secondary item and using your fire starter to enhance the burning.

No matter how you decide to craft your beeswax DIY fire starters, we hope you enjoy many summer evenings safely enjoying your campfire while taking in all the beauty nature has to offer.

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