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Marlie's Honey Candles Easter Basket

My name is Marlie and I am the Honey Candles® beeswax pillar maker. If you have burned one of our beeswax pillars lately I probably made it. Our Sales Manager, Pat goes on vacation soon and I am training to fill in for her when she’s gone so if you call and you don’t get Pat it will likely be me that answers the phone. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. I love making up baskets of beeswax candles for gifts. Pat noticed this and has used one of my basket photos on Facebook and Pinterest. She asked me to make the Honey Candles® Easter Basket that was featured recently at a local store. It was a lot of fun to make and we are sharing the photo with you.

I moved to BC from North Battleford, Saskatchewan to snowboard. I discovered the Kootenays and decided to stay! The beautiful Kootenay snow brought me to Kaslo and my keenness to be artistic brought me to Honey Candles. Recently I was happy to see that a Sangster’s Health Centre opened up in North Battleford and we sent them a big display full of our beeswax candles!

For my Easter basket I chose beeswax candles mainly in Spring Crocus, Mountain Jade and White but we also have vibrant Blue, Tangerine and Violet. I know you will find a beeswax candle from our selection for your Easter table!

Growing up I was always playing with candle wax and getting in trouble for it. Now I get to make candles and still play with wax. I love to be creative and consider that I am not just making a beeswax candle but an experience for someone, maybe you, as well. Besides making pillars I make the Ornamentals, the Three Wicks, beeswax blocks and medallions and Peek-a-Bee Pillars. You will find out more about the Peek-a-Bee Pillars soon so watch for information on that in a future blog! I want you to know that our beeswax candles are made with 100% bee friendly wax and are a labor of love. I never make candles that I would not purchase myself.

My favorite beeswax candles to burn are pillarstapers and columns. I like to burn them anytime for a few hours. The amber glow is so pretty and the natural sweet honey scent of beeswax is always inviting.

There’s a lot more to candles and the process of making them than I thought. There are also many other ‘candles’ out there that are so harmful to us and we don’t even know it. I’m so happy I’ve found pure beeswax candles, they are the friendliest kind available and I’m stoked to be part of it.

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