Elegant beeswax taper candlestick in a simple candle holder

Must Have Candle Holders

When it comes to buying candle holders, it can sometimes be overwhelming when you are faced with a plethora of varieties and styles. It’s hard to know which ones will be the most useful and suit your candle needs. We’ve compiled a list of the must-have holders that are the staples of candle-burning.


Pillar Plate

If you’re in the habit of burning candles for multiple hours at a time, we have a suspicion that you love pillars. When it comes to burning pillars, a simple pillar plate is essential. Pillar plates allow you to safely burn your pillar on a heat resistant surface and, although we hope your pillar doesn’t drip, in the event that it does a pillar plate will help you to avoid a mess.


Votive & Tealight Cups

Snug-fitting votive and tealight cups are must-haves for candle lovers who tend towards votives and tealights for their low maintenance qualities. These two candle varieties fully liquify, which means they must be burned in a cup or you will have a waxy mess on your hands. Tealights can be purchased in disposable clear or aluminum cups but, if you are going to be burning them frequently, a glass cup is a great way to reduce waste. When burning tealights and votives, ensure the cups are placed on a heat resistant surface and, for an easy way to remove the wick tab after burning, simply place a small amount of coarse salt in the cup before adding your candle.


Spike Plate

A spike plate is a versatile holder that suits many candles, while also giving a traditional feel. A spike plate is exactly as it sounds, a small round candle plate with a spike in the middle for pressing your candle into. The spike provides stability allowing this style of holder to be used for a variety of candles including pillars, ornamentals, and columns, making them one of the most versatile must-have holders.


Taper/Candlestick Holders

Candlestick holders are required for burning tall candles such as tapers and tubes. From an elegant dinner party to a quiet evening at home candlesticks can be used for any occasion. Taper or candlestick holders will snuggly hold your candles and ensure they stay straight and secure while burning. No two candlesticks are quite the same so you may find some holders are more snug than others. Fortunately, beeswax is quite soft, meaning you can shave and mold it to fit the holder and it won’t crack and crumble the way some waxes do.



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