a bunch of beeswax blocks that can be used for do it yourself projects

New Look for our 1 Pound Beeswax Blocks

We were not totally happy with the 1 pound blocks we have been selling you for the last several years. The beeswax in them was awesome but the look did not say, “This block of beeswax has Honey Candles® quality”. This is because it looked like so many other 1 pound blocks sold by beeswax companies.

So we remedied that. You will be seeing 1 pound beeswax blocks both in natural and pearl beeswax in stores soon with the Honey Candles® logo stamped into them.  The Honey Candles logo on every one of those blocks is your assurance you have pure Canadian beeswax from Western Canada. You can find them right here.
Published By Pat Cattermole

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