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News From Our Customers In Japan

beeswax candles for Japan

We have a dear friend Momoko who visited us last summer. (Click Here to read about her visit) Momoko and her family distribute Honey Candles® in Japan. She lives in Akita which is just across the mountains west of Sendai. We e-mailed her because we have been worried about her and her family. We are delighted she was able to receive and reply to our e-mails. We had hoped to be able to send our Life Candles to her to distribute but only medical supplies are getting in and out. Even she is unable to send emergency supplies to Sendai.

Momoko says they are living without water and only intermittent electricity. For her it is painful to watch television and see what is happening to people just miles away. There a millions who survived the quake but are without food or water. The nuclear plants are on fire. The earthquakes continue and there was just another one in the western part of Japan. Her sister-in-law is in labor and about to give birth. Of course she is concerned and hopes that everything will be okay.

We will continue to be in touch with Momoko. She and her family and all of the Japanese people are in our thoughts and prayers. We are keeping a candle burning for all the people in Japan.

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