pure beeswax column and sphere candles on rod iron candle holders near an old barn

Nine Signs That You Might Be Part of the Beeswax Honey Candles Tribe

beeswax candles Are you part of the Honey Candles tribe? Here are some sure signs that you might be:

  • Are there beeswax candles made by Honey Candles filling all the candle holders in your home – some unlit and some half burned beckoning to you to come light them again?
  • Do you give beeswax candles as gifts every chance you get?
  • Do you look forward to seeing what Honey Candles might make next?
  • Do you have partial bags or little jars full of beeswax Honey Candles birthday candles in your cupboards?
  • Do you cringe when someone walks in your door with a soy or paraffin candle? 
  • Have you asked that the oil lamp or paraffin candle at the table in the restaurant that you are sitting at be removed because you can’t stand the smell?
  • Do you get pumped if you unexpectedly find a store with a full beeswax Honey Candles display?
  • Do you tell your friends about how much you love beeswax candles?
  • Do you look forward to opening every beeswax Honey Candles order because the candles smell so GOOD!

If two or more of these preceding statements are true of you – whether you know it or not you might be part of the Honey Candles tribe.  Here’s what three members of the tribe have to say:

“I love these candles so much! I was given two as a gift a year ago and tucked them away. I found them again during the fall and that is when I thought I need more of these for the holidays. I love how clean they are and the sweet smell they give off. I am sensitive to many candles but these don’t bother me or my family. I can’t believe how long they burn too. I use them for meditation, prayers and warming my evening.” 

~ Linda from Ames IA

“Thank you so much for everything. So happy with the candles. I will be back!! I wish you a year full of blessings and love and laughter and lots of customers! Truly.

~ Marian from San Luis Obispo CA

“Love your beeswax candles. Just bought four from Kardish in Ottawa after reading your brochure, which had been added to my shopping bag. The scent even unlit is so lovely in our dining room that I put two more in candle holders in the sitting room. Thank you so much, and lots of luck ongoing with your business: all natural products are so desperately needed for our planet and people.”

~ Rosalind from Ottawa ON

What do you think? Are you ready to be part of the Honey Candles tribe? Maybe you already know the way to the on-line store!

Photo by Marlie Marchewka

Published By Pat Cattermole

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