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Our Favorite Fall Activities

It’s the time of year when we trade our tank tops and sandals for scarves and boots! The cooler air means more evenings at home doing our favorite fall activities. At Honey Candles we have many fall favorites, and of course we love to pair our activities with the warm ambiance of pure beeswax candles. Here are our favorite ways of incorporating Honey Candles into our autumn activities:  

1. Reading
When we think of curling up at home, reading is often the first thing that comes to mind. It can be hard to find time for reading during the busyness of summer, so there’s nothing quite like a good book in the fall. We love making a pot of tea and lighting some natural beeswax tealights to warm up the cooler nights.
2. Building Puzzles
Puzzles are one of our go-to fall activities. Somehow puzzles make you focus and drift away all at once. When we sit down to work on a puzzle we especially like to light a mulled spice votive or tin. The soft essential oil scent of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger help create the perfect fall vibe.
3. Knitting
Not only is knitting a relaxing way to spend a fall evening, it also means you are making something tangible with your time, either for yourself or for someone special.  Never picked up needles before? Try your hand this fall!  Honey Candles columns are great to burn when you are knitting as they produce ample light and are easy to burn, perfect when your hands are busy.  
4. Cooking
With fall harvests of carrots, squash, onions and more, cooking just comes naturally. Whether we are cooking a big batch of soup or preparing for winter by canning and pickling, spending time in the kitchen is always a fun way to spend a cool fall day.  If you are looking for some company in the kitchen, or if the smell of onions is overwhelming, burning beeswax candles can help. Honey Candles Pillars are perfect if you have a big day of cooking ahead of you. Their naturally long burn time ensures they will keep burning long after the dishes are done! 
5. Fall Hiking
It is certainly cooler, but we love to get outside this time of year.  Though getting outside in the fall may require a few extra layers, it’s a great way to enjoy the crisp air and beautiful changing colors.  It’s always important to be well prepared when hiking, especially as the weather gets colder. Bundle up and ensure you have extra snacks and a survival kit packed. Beeswax candles are a perfect addition to an emergency kit as they are long burning and will provide warmth and light if you find yourself in a tight spot. 
We hope you are enjoying fall as much as we are! Let us know your favorite fall activities!

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