two elegant glass flower candle holders with a pure bees wax candle burning in each one

Our Favorite Holders for Beeswax Tealights

Many of us at Honey Candles® have been burning beeswax candles for a long time. We enjoy them all, but we have a special place in our hearts for beeswax tealights. Maybe it is all the very cool tealight holders we have collected over the years.

Things to know about burning tealights:

  1. The wick of a tealight usually doesn’t need to be trimmed. It is thought to be self-trimming.
  2. A tealight is best burned from start to finish. Our beeswax tealights burn 4 to 5 hours, perfect for one evening of candlelight. If you leave the tealight cup with less than half the beeswax, it will never get hot enough to totally liquefy and burn completely. You will be left with unburned wax.
  3. Beeswax tealights like to be cozy. Don’t burn them on a cold surface, in windows or drafts. If you do you may get an incomplete burn.

Now you know how to burn beeswax tealights we are ready to share very large photos of our favorite tealight holders:

Hope Nicola’s beautiful photos have inspired you to check out Honey Candles® beeswax tealights right here!

Photos by Nicola Hum
Published By Pat Cattermole

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