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Our Top 5 Candle Rules

It’s safe to say that we love burning candles. Be it tealights with our bubble bath, tapers with our dinner, or pillars for just about any other occasion, we can’t get enough of the beautiful glow and gentle honey aroma of pure beeswax. Through our many years of candle burning we have picked up many helpful tips and tricks along the way and now we want to share the most important ones with you!


Choose the right candle for your unique style

We all have our unique tastes and styles, and candles are no exception. Each candle has its own style and use. When choosing a candle, the most important thing to keep in mind is burn time. If you love to burn pure beeswax for hours, then pure beeswax pillars are the perfect match for you. If you’re more of a short-term burner, candlesticks are the optimal choice. If you fall somewhere in the middle, try votives. They are a low maintenance candle that can be burned for various lengths of time.


Always burn in the proper holder on a safe surface

Once you’ve chosen your perfect candle, you need to find the perfect holder to accompany it. Some candles, like votives and tealights, fully liquify which means they need to be burned in a snug fitting cup. Candlesticks also require dedicated holders and at times you may find that not all candle stick holders are quite the same size. The beauty of beeswax is that is pliable and can be cut down without the candle cracking or crumbling. Honey Candles Tins are great if you do not have dedicated holders, but like all candles they must still be burned on a heat resistant surface.


Lighting your candle

Now that you have a safe burning surface and proper holder, it’s time to break out the matches or lighter. If your candle is displayed in an area that may not be safe to burn (if there is a shelf right above it or any items near the flame) be sure to move your candle to a safe burning area before lighting. When lighting your candle be sure to light at the base of the wick not the tip. This will allow the wax to begin to melt and give your flame more fuel.


Always monitor your candle as it burns

It is important to never leave a burning candle unattended both for safety and to ensure that you are monitoring the candle. Many candles require care as they burn.  Candles can occasionally develop a carbon cap and or the the flame may flicker or smoke slightly. This means you need to extinguish your candle and use a wick trimmer to remove the carbon cap or trim the wick before relighting. Pillar candles also need to be monitored while they burn as they need to be hugged to ensure that the most wax is consumed and adequate oxygen reaches the flame.



Extinguishing your candle

The old stand by is to blow out your candles, but this can cause smoke and even splatter wax in some cases. When it comes to pillars and other candles with a wax pool, it is best to dunk the wick into the wax with an aptly named wick dunker or other flame-resistant item. This will ensure a smokeless experience and coat the wick in a thin layer of wax, making its next lighting easy and effective. For candles without a wax pool, use a wick snuffer to extinguish your candle. Of course, when it comes to your birthday candles, just make a wish and blow out your candles!

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