Pat's Next Chapter

Pat's Next Chapter

It is with a bittersweet feeling that we announce the retirement of long time Honey Candles Sales Manager Pat Cattermole. While Pat’s passion and devotion, as well as her incredible breadth of knowledge and impeccable memory will be sorely missed, we are excited for her in this new chapter of retirement.

Pat joined the Honey Candles team in 2004 and has shown an unbelievable dedication to the organization ever since. She has been integral in setting the tone for Honey Candles high standard of customer service. Pat has also been involved in the addition of numerous new beeswax candles, fresh colors, and the naming of these products. When social media first began to grow Pat faced the challenge of learning about this new communication tool and has been instrumental in the development of Honey Candles’ social media presence, with hours spent writing blogs, managing Facebook, and tending to a multitude of Pinterest boards. From new products and technologies, to some of our best practices and best photos Pat’s impact at Honey Candles could fill a book.  
While reminiscing with former owner Leah, she discussed Pat’s incredible dependability and integrity. Leah mentioned that it wasn’t until Pat arrived, that as owners of Honey Candles Leah and her husband Roy were able take a holiday. They could be confident in Pat’s judgement and ability to ensure that everything ran smoothly in their absence.   Pat has been essential in providing a smooth ownership transition the last few years – we couldn’t have done it without you!  Alecia, Stephen, Nicola and Jill have heard all the stories, and the history and hopefully we can remember enough!  If not, we might show up at her place with some dark chocolate – and a note pad! Or we might do that anyway, just to chat about life, and gardening, and bike trails.
Although she is leaving very large shoes to fill, we are very happy for Pat as she moves into retirement. She will be able to spend time with her family, enjoy kayaking, hiking, and all that the Kootenays have to offer. Thank-you Pat for your years of dedication and hard work! 
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