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Perfect Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

It’s the time of year again when we celebrate the most important ladies in our lives, our mothers. While mothers deserve recognition every day, Mother’s Day is a nice reminder of this – it gives us a dedicated day to cherish our moms and everything that they do for us day after day and year after year. If you are still looking for the perfect activity or Mother’s Day gift for this Sunday, we’ve compiled some suggestions here to offer you some inspiration!

It can sometimes be tough to know how what to do on Mother’s Day to demonstrate our gratitude and love. The best gift you can give your Mom is time. Plan an activity to do together, that your Mom will love. Naturally, brunch is a classic - make some of her favourite foods and brewed a pot of coffee, then elevate your meal with gentle music and a pair of beeswax tapers. If your mom is the outdoorsy type, plan a hike and picnic - pack some cheese and crackers, a warm blanket and find a peaceful spot to enjoy your lunch in the great outdoors. When hiking always be sure to bring a survival kit complete with Honey Candles’ emergency tin.

If those activities don’t sound like the perfect fit for your Mom, consider a high tea or an at home spa day. No one knows your Mom as well as you, so try to think of what her perfect day looks like and tailor your Sunday activity to her unique preferences.

You may also be looking for the perfect gift to give your mom this weekend. Maybe you live miles away and still want to show your appreciation or maybe you’re just after a nice present to add to a wonderful day together. Consumable gifts are a perfect option as they won’t collect dust or go unused. Great consumable gifts can be anything from a bottle of wine, to a natural bar of soap or beeswax candle. Or why not make a DIY present for your Mom? Body scrubs, beeswax lip balms or lotions, and bath bombs all make great consumable gifts and would be a great addition to an at home spa day.

Whatever you decide to do this Mother’s Day, we hope you have a great day spent with family.

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