a red pure beeswax candle burning on a table next to a delicious homemade pie

Pure Beeswax Honey Candles in Autumn Harvest Colors

It’s time to start thinking about autumn and the tradition of bringing in the harvest.  Apples are ripening in orchard country, wheat is being harvested on the Prairies, and everywhere gardeners are reveling in their bounty.

beeswax tangerine pillar candleIt is the time of the year that candle lovers look forward to. As the evenings are getting cooler and dark earlier it feels like it’s time to light pure beeswax candles. The natural honey scent of the pure beeswax will make your home so welcoming and we have perfect colors to complement the beautiful autumn leaves. Pure natural beeswax Honey Candles® Natural, Tangerine, Red and Dark Brown emulate the rich fall colors. Mix and match any of these colors and your autumn or Thanksgiving table will be amazing. Get creative. Put out Dark Brown Taper Pairs in lovely candle holders and surround them with Tangerine Votives or Red Tealights. Or make a Tangerine Pillar the center piece.  Add some flaming ivy or sugar maple leaves and some brown oak leaves to your table center and contrast with ripe cranberries or mountain ash berries. 

Now imagine the scent of fresh baked cinnamon apple pie……oh you’re ready to do wonderful things for your home on your next day off!

Published By Pat Cattermole

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