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Quick and Easy Candleholder Ideas for Smaller Tapers

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In the last few years Honey Candles has been making hand dipped smaller beeswax taper candles. Examples of these are our beeswax Gala Candles that make extraordinarily beautiful birthday candles. The dilemma comes for customers when they want to burn them in holders and not necessarily on a cake. Besides they burn so long (30 to 40 minutes) they will never get used up on a cake. The cake will get eaten long before the candles are gone. I gave some to my sister as a gift recently and she immediately saw that the perfect holder was a long glass, wooden or ceramic container filled with sand. Marlie had the same idea and took this photo of Honey Candles® Gala candles in a rustic wooden box filled with beach sand. It works.

beeswax small tapersWe now have 3/8 inch small beeswax tapers in chakra colors. People love them and they have the same question. Where can I get holders for them?  Sometimes you can find small taper holders in thrift shops, New Age stores, gift stores and antique stores. But if you don’t find something you can resort to a similar idea as Marlie’s. 

You can take beach sand, colored aquarium sand or even something like Epsom salts and pour it into almost any container, even another candle holder to hold your small taper. Alecia used decorating sand in a candle holder suitable for a larger candle. The sand ensures the chakra taper is secure.

You could take a clean, special, rock flat on two sides. The size depends on how many candles you wish to burn. Use a smaller flat rock if you want to burn beeswax small tapersjust one candle at a time. A long narrower one would be great to burn several chakra tapers. Using a 3/8 inch masonry bit, the correct number of holes strategically placed with a drill will make an attractive holder. This is a nice way to use some of those beach rocks so many of us tend to collect. My husband, who drilled this rock would suggest that you find a softer type rock, maybe sandstone. I picked a harder, likely metamorphic rock which was very hard and he found it a little work to drill.

Whatever you decide to try it is best if the material you use to hold your chakra candle is non-flammable. Have you already found a favorite holder that you use when you are enjoying burning a chakra candle? We would love to hear about it.

First photo by Marlie Marchewka
Published By Pat Cattermole

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