Red Beeswax Tealights candles in a variety of glass candle holders

Red Beeswax Tealights

red beeswax tealightsLast week we had a candle burning tip from our customer Paul. This week I have a photo and some feedback from Brenda in Pakenham ON. When I contacted her about her order she let me know right away her Honey Candles® beeswax Red tealights arrived OK.

“Hi Pat.  Yes they did and I must say I am so delighted I found your candles.  I learned of your company on a recent visit to Whitehorse. I was browsing one of the shops called Murdoch's. I have done a ton of searches on line for tealights and for some reason yours did not pop in all the searches I had been doing.  When out shopping I would also always be looking for a decent tealight. I think I have honestly tried just about every tealight on the market, trying to find one that has a consistent warm burn/glow.  I was also looking in particular for red. I have a display of crystal tealight holders from the Nova Scotia Crystal company that are so beautiful. The red glow from your candle when lit is stunning. It is my calming corner. Your candles are absolutely perfect so my search has ended. I need look no further.  

Thank you for the follow up. You are obviously very client-centric which is also very refreshing.  I must take a photo and send you a picture of your candles in the crystal.  It really is stunning.”

Brenda did send us a photo of her crystal tealight holders that we have shared here. I have to agree the tealights are beautiful in them. Now with this great blog out there in cyberspace I am hoping no more customers have a hard time finding our Red beeswax tealights. Let us know if this blog helped you find us.

Honey Candles® makes all their beeswax candles in Canada from 100% pure beeswax Canadian beeswax.
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