Reduce Holiday Waste by Choosing Gifts Consciously

Reduce Holiday Waste by Choosing Gifts Consciously

We’ve seen plenty of conversations raising awareness about waste during the holidays, but we noticed that they tend to focus on things like using natural wrapping paper or  fabric gift bags, and decorating your home with popcorn strings, and natural cedar boughs. While these are all great suggestions for lowering the environmental impact of the busy festive season, lets take a minute to consider post holiday waste that comes as a result of poor gift choices. 

Far too often we give and receive gifts that end up sitting around unused, being shuffled from shelf to drawer to longer term storage until they meet the eventual fate of the garage sale – that’s if they’re lucky enough to escape the landfill. Let’s face it, nobody wants to risk the guilt of being caught out trying to sell the thoughtful present they recently received on Facebook marketplace! Not only is it disheartening when a gift isn’t enjoyed and utilized, it also has a negative impact on the environment when these items, often plastic, end up discarded.

It’s certainly not that the gifts aren’t well thought out and given with the best intentions, and maybe they’re almost exactly what you were hoping for, or even what you asked for! But for some reason, they miss the mark. It could be the wrong size or perhaps the style or colour just isn’t quite right. Maybe it’s something you already own (seriously, who needs two blenders?) or it could simply be something you personally don’t have any use for - fake toenails from my Mom once left me saying “?? thanks?”.   

By opting for low waste gifts that don’t have plastic packaging, contain natural ingredients, and are consumable, you can reduce the longer term waste created during the holiday season. To help with your search we’ve created collections of affordable beeswax candles that meet various price points. No matter your budget, there is a wide variety of natural beeswax candle gifts for everyone on your list!

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