Safe and Natural - Pure Beeswax Birthday Candles

Safe and Natural - Pure Beeswax Birthday Candles

It is so important to protect our families from toxins when we can. Beeswax candles are the only candles made of wax that is not refined or ‘changed’ in any way except for a little filtering to clean the wax. The filtering is necessary to make them burn better and to make them smooth and ‘clean’. Naturally long burning, beeswax candles need no additives or hardeners as do paraffin or soy wax. Beeswax is the superior natural candle.

Birthday celebrations are so very special. Whether there is one or ninety birthday candles on a birthday cake it usually brings smiles. If you have made the effort to make a beautiful homemade cake you will feel good knowing that the birthday candles are hand dipped non-toxic beeswax birthday candles. Honey Candles® beeswax Birthday Candles are made in Canada from Canadian beeswax. Don’t worry if a few drips on the cake end up being eaten. Beeswax is totally non-toxic. These birthday candles will last and last – remember they are naturally long burning. Take lots of photos!

Now don’t you find this birthday boy’s smile totally irresistible? I think he is looking forward to that cupcake! If you love this info-photo please pin it to Pinterest

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