Sami, the Honey Candles Hallowe'en Cat

Sami, the Honey Candles Hallowe'en Cat

Sami is the loved Honey Candles mascot. She came to us earlier in the year with her brother, Buca. Both of them were coal black without a speck of white on them – Hallowe’en cats. They were shy rescue cats and spooked easily. They did not like people and only hung out with each other. They didn’t come down from the attic until the staff went home. They were only allowed outside when we were sure they wouldn’t try to run away. After several weeks they were still leery of the staff and only seemed to eat when everyone had gone home. Sadly, tragedy befell and Buca disappeared. Sami was heartbroken being left alone. She cried and cried in the way cats can. Our candle makers worked hard to console her. Marlie brought her a little tuna every day and gradually Sami came to trust her. Marlie became her buddy.  Soon she accepted all the staff and now she has the run of the shop. Someone brought a pillow for her and it is always near one of the beeswax melters so she can curl up and do what cats like to do - sleep where it’s really warm. She walks around the shop begging a pet now and again by rubbing up against someone’s leg.

We are telling Sami’s story because it is the day before Hallowe’en and if ever there was a cat that looked like a ‘Hallowe’en cat’ it’s Sami. She is considered part of the Honey Candles® staff now! Sami suggests that you check out beeswax Honey Candles®. Her friends make them.


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