Sarah - Natural Beeswax Honey Candles® Birthday Candle Maker

Sarah - Natural Beeswax Honey Candles® Birthday Candle Maker

By Sarah Brown

I am the bubbly birthday candle maker at Honey Candles.  I grew up a big city Southern California girl and moved to Canada in 1998 to be closer to my mother and the part of the world that my mother and her family have an affinity for. I appreciate the quieter life that Kaslo offers and I stayed here to explore and enjoy the pristine Kootenay views and clean air. I like that almost everyone in our small town has an organic garden and we grow much of our own food.

I found Honey Candles through a job search and have been working here since last fall. I feel am getting to be a very experienced birthday candle maker as more and more Honey Candles® natural beeswax Birthday Candles are becoming ‘discovered’. I recently worked hard to complete a contract for a cupcake company. I look forward to more jobs like that to keep me busy.

The secret to my perfect natural hand dipped beeswax birthday candles is ensuring that the temperature of the beeswax is correct and the timing of the dipping is right. It is important that you know that I make each birthday candle with love and care. As I put each package of birthday candles together I imagine birthday cakes and smiling faces. Each birthday candle carries my hope that your birthday wishes come true.

For me I like to burn 3 inch natural beeswax Honey Candles® Pillars. The glow of a beeswax pillar gives me such a feeling of warmth.

Honey Candles® are made in Canada.  I want you to know that by buying Honey Candles® you are supporting a Kootenay company and helping to create jobs with a sustainable environmentally sound product. Buying Honey Candles® is also a great way to support beekeepers.

Honey Candles® Birthday Candles come in packages of 20 either Natural or Colored. You don't need to worry about a little beeswax spilling on your child's birthday cake as unlike paraffin birthday candles our beeswax birthday candles are nontoxic. Naturally long burning without any additives our natural beeswax birthday candles will last and last so you can take lots of photographs without having the birthday candles burn down to nothing. To purchase your Honey Candles® Birthday Candles check out our on-line store.

Published By Pat Cattermole

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