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Saying Thank-You to the Bees

With Thanksgiving weekend upon us, it is the time of year when we give extra attention to the many things in our lives for which we are grateful. With our busy schedules, it can be easy to forget all the things we have to be thankful for. So, on this long weekend, take a moment, or better yet a whole day, to reflect, be present, and be grateful. 

When we sit down for to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, there are so many thankyous to say. The thanks we give to our family and friends for being with us that day. The thanks to the hosts who invite us into their homes. The thanks we give to our neighbors who open their cupboards to us, when we have overlooked an item on our grocery list. 

Then there are the thankyous that may not be as obvious. Such as saying thanks to the bees who work hard everyday pollinating crops, collecting nectar, and creating honey and wax. At Honey Candles bees are continuously on our minds, but even so, it’s easy to forget the massive role these small creatures play in our lives. From the squash and peas on our plates, to the pumpkin in our pie, the honey in our tea, and of course the pure beeswax candles creating a cozy atmosphere; none of it would be possible without the pollinating power of bees. So, this year when you say your thankyous, say a special one for the bees!

Finally, we are thankful to you, for being a part of our Honey Candles family and for choosing to support the bees time after time. Happy Thanksgiving!
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