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Seven points for you to consider before buying 'local' beeswax candles.

There is a movement to buy ‘local’ that is gaining momentum. It’s understandable in some sense. We want to support our communities and neighbors. We feel it is more ecological to avoid transporting goods and it makes us feel good buying something from those we know. Whether you are a store that is bringing in products to sell to your customers or you are a consumer buying those products there are a few things you should know and questions you need to ask yourself, particularly about natural beeswax candles.

  • Do I want to have what everyone else has? Are you not looking for something different, particularly as a gift? If everyone is buying ‘local’ no store in your community will offer anything unique.
  • Is it important to me how well my natural beeswax candles burn? Honey Candles® candle makers are expert candle makers and the only job they have is to make excellent beeswax candles for you. We make sure every type of candle has been thoroughly tested before we sell it. That includes testing and retesting to be sure the wick performs correctly. Your safety is paramount. ‘Local’ beeswax candle makers are often beekeepers first. Beeswax candles are something they do to use up the by-product of honey production. Often the beeswax is not filtered well or the wick isn’t the right one and that means it doesn’t burn properly. Or the finish of the candle is crude. This means that beeswax candles often have a reputation of being less than elegant. If this is your experience we want you to try pure natural beeswax Honey Candles®. You will be pleasantly surprised.
  • How important is the information on the label? Our candle labels are designed with you in mind with UPCs for the convenience of the stores, and for consumers we ensure that the information required by law is on the label.
  • Will I be able to buy the same candle again if I like it? Isn’t it annoying when you fall in love with a product and then it disappears? We have been around since 1994. We will be here next year and years to come to be sure you have the quality beeswax candles that you have come to love.
  • If I have questions about my natural beeswax candles where do I go for help? For you we have a beautiful website. Everything that you need to know about beeswax candles is there whether in the descriptions about the product or the many, many informative blogs. If you can’t find what you need to know in Candle Care, the Frequently Asked Questions or in our Beeswax Blogs tell us about it. Call toll free 1-800-558-7292. It would be our pleasure at Honey Candles® to answer your question. We are here Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4 PM PST.
  • Do you have literature that I can read? For you we have a lovely three fold shelf talker to take home to read or to include with a gift to tell the lucky person receiving the gift all about their beeswax candle. This is good for the stores too because it helps educate their customers.
  • Does Honey Candles® have the natural beeswax candle that I am looking for? Honey Candles® offers you the widest variety of natural beeswax candles in North America. We have natural or colored with envirodyes; bulk or packaged; classic moulded ornamental candles; beeswax blocks and medallions; natural beeswax scented with 100% essential oils in tins or as votives; Advent Candles; Emergency candles in a tin and packages of beeswax birthday candles both in natural and colored. See our on-line store now.

high quality beeswax candlesBefore you choose either ‘local’ beeswax candles or Honey Candles® the answers to these questions are important considerations whether you are a store owner or a consumer. You may buy cheaper ‘local’ beeswax candles than pure natural beeswax Honey Candles® but is the price the only thing that matters to you?

I would like to draw your attention to the photo of the three Honey Candles® Pillars. They are naked and without labels so there is nothing hiding the quality. Look at the fine smooth finish.  Sense the care and skill that went into producing such beautiful beeswax candles.  Very simple yet so very elegant.

My husband and I bought kayaks recently. There were all kinds and the prices really ranged. In the end we purchased two very nice kayaks I suspect we will be happy with for a long time. As we walked away my husband said, “I like these kayaks. They look polished and well made. They cost more but they look like they were made by someone who cares.”

I looked at him and my answer to that was simply, “Yes, they do.  It’s like the difference between Honey Candles® and most other beeswax candles.”

Here's what Wendy from Harrisburg PA had to say about buying Honey Candles® after she searched locally, "Candles arrived safely and much quicker than I expected. They are the perfect color and size, something I was unable to find locally. We are enjoying them very much and will be ordering again in the near future. I must say, your customer service is quite refreshing and appreciated. Thank you so much."

Carolyn from Trenton ON told me, "I have checked out beeswax candles here in Ontario, ie from Tweed Ontario, but yours are so very condensed and burn longer. Great job, your product speaks for itself. Keep up the great work."

How about you? Tell us what's important to you.

Published By Pat Cattermole

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