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Six Reasons for the Honey Candles ® staff to Celebrate Their 'Green Thumbs'


Earth Day is approaching this month on April 22nd.  I would like to focus on what that means to us at Honey Candles® and the way we think about the earth and protecting it and ourselves in the process.

Working at Honey Candles® we are always mindful of the environment.  It feels good to have work that produces something natural and useful like pure beeswax candles.  There are lots of different ways of being ‘green’.  Besides thinking of conserving and of the environment the staff at Honey Candles® are green in the original sense, that is we have ‘green thumbs’.  Some of us made the choice to have a garden as a hobby.  For many of us it has become something we have been doing so long that when spring approaches our thoughts naturally turn to seeds and gardening plans.  We watch as the snow melts with eagerness.   We did a tally recently and discovered that collectively we have 211 years of gardening experience.  Amongst the ten of us we have as many gardens and five greenhouses and two cold frames. 

I think the staff of Honey Candles® should celebrate having their ‘green thumbs’ and here are six reasons why:

  1. By producing so much of our fruits, veggies and herbs in a natural way we are saving ourselves and the environment from many harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticide
  2. We are limiting the use of fossil fuels to transport and cultivate our produce and we are reducing greenhouse emissions
  3. We have access to the freshest produce which supplies more minerals and vitamins to ourselves and our families
  4. We always have excess produce to share amongst ourselves, our families and neighbors
  5. We can find calm and peace in working the land and providing for ourselves.
  6. We are providing flowers therefore food for the honey bees*

For those that have greenhouses Leah has challenged us to be the first to bring her a ripe tomato.  I love my greenhouse but I’m betting on Peggy.

Published By Pat Cattermole

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