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Sizes of Beeswax Candles made by Honey Candles

Recently one of the most asked questions by our customers has been what height and diameter are your candles. The height of the candles is available in the on-line store candle info but not always the diameter. So I have set out to provide all that info conveniently in one spot I will focus on our classic candles. 

The height comes first, then diameter:
6 inch Tube d. ¾ inch 
9 inch Base d. ¾ inch 
12 inch Taper d. 7/8 inch 
6 inch Column d. 1 ½ inches 
3 inch Pillar d. 3 inches 
5 inch Pillar d. 3 inches 
7 inch Pillar d. 3 inches 
2 inch Votive d. 1 ½ inches 
¾ inch tealight d. 1 ½ inches 

Are you interested in burn times for each of our beeswax candles?  Follow the link here

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Photo by Marlie Marchewka
Published By Pat Cattermole

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