a stack of red and white pure beeswax candles

Special Occasion Beeswax Red and White Tealights

red and white beeswax tealightsOur beeswax tealights have always been a customer favorite. New for the holidays and looking like a candy cane is our Special Occasion Tealight pack. Four white and four red beeswax tealights in clear plastic cups alternately arranged in a tube of 8. How cool is that? Tall and slim - have you seen a more perfect stocking stuffer? This attractive package is extremely versatile and just as perfect for Valentine’s Day as for the holidays. See our introductory offer on-line.

Have you wondered if there is the perfect way to burn tealights? We want you to always enjoy burning our beeswax tealights so we have taken the mystery out of burning natural beeswax candles. See our Candle Care section to check out candle burning tips.

Published By Pat Cattermole

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