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Spice up your Birthday Cake with Honey Candles Galas

Beeswax Candles Gala Birthday Party Cup CakeHoney Candles® Gala candles are an elegant and versatile pure beeswax candle. These natural candles are great for those who like to burn candles for short periods. They also make great timers for quick yoga sessions, can be burned in a variety of holders by adding sand, and of course they make for beautiful, elegant birthday candles. We love our traditional beeswax birthday cake candles, but Galas make great tall birthday candles for when you want to add a little extra glamour to your birthday cake or cupcakes!
The height of these handcrafted candles adds more than elegance; it also provides a longer burning time, ensuring that these natural candles will last you for many birthdays. Each candlestick burns for approximately 45 minutes and singing Happy Birthday clocks in at approximately 15 seconds. Including some extra time to turn off the lights and walk the cake to the lucky birthday boy or girl and these natural Gala candles will still be sure to light up birthday after birthday!
All Honey Candles including Galas, are natural and non-toxic. They are colored with Enviro-dye, which is non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. This makes certain that Honey Candles® Galas are baby-safe and child-safe, giving you peace of mind at their next birthday party.
Honey Candles Galas come in packs of 12. There is an all Natural pack, a Royal pack that includes Blue, Red, Mountain Jade and Natural, and a Pastel pack that includes Glacier Teal, Spring Crocus, Pearl and Paris Pink.
We love to see Honey Candles Galas and Birthday candles in action so send us your Birthday cake photos!
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