pure beeswax emergency tin candle complete with matches and cooking straps great for emergencies

Storm Warnings? Be Prepared!

beeswax emergency candles

We are hearing about it already in the news this winter - severe weather conditions and long highway delays. Remember last year? There were cars stuck on snowy, mountain passes in California and over 300 people stranded on Hwy 402 east of Sarnia Ontario. Hundreds of people were trapped on snow-covered highways in frigid temperatures east of Calgary. Many of those stranded had a small amount of warm winter clothing and no blankets or candles.

Don’t let this happen to you! Be prepared. You might have your winter snow tires on and you maybe have your winter windshield washer topped up. Good for you! But be sure you have a Honey Candles® Emergency candle tin that burns 24 hours in your car emergency kit. Made in British Columbia Canada of 100% pure natural beeswax that burns hotter than paraffin to provide warmth and comforting light without the toxic emissions of paraffin emergency candles. Look on the Government of Canada website. They recommend in your car emergency kit that you have a candle in a deep can with matches. Our Honey Candles® Emergency Candle in a tin is perfect as it comes complete with matches! Put one in everyones Christmas stocking this year! Keep those you love safe. And for you keep one in your car, one in your boat, one in your snowmobile and don’t forget to take one if you are backcountry skiing.

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