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The Benefits for You of Burning Pure Beeswax Honey Candles

benefits of burning beeswax

Beeswax is a gift to you from nature. It is the purest and most natural of all waxes (including vegetable waxes), with the least amount of processing and no additives. Beeswax is the only wax that is essentially used in its native state, with only filtering for processing. Natural beeswax candles can provide an important ingredient for your healthy home.

Your pure natural beeswax candles are able to do this for you:

  • Burn cleaner than others with no sticky, black petroleum based soot
  • When burning they emit the scent of warm honey that freshens the air
  • Be slow burning with long burn times
  • Be virtually dripless in a draft free environment
  • Create ambiance with a warm amber glow
  • Will not go rancid 
  • Bloom with a frosty appearance that tells you that it is 100% pure  beeswax

You can take advantage of the work of Honey Candles® expert candle makers who have been in the business since 1994. You can count on our premium quality candles. Here’s what you will see and appreciate when you examine Honey Candles® pure natural beeswax candles:

  • The color of the beeswax is a rich yellow-amber rather than muddy with a grey-green cast
  • There are no visible signs of dirt or impurities
  • The finish has depth with no flakes, cracks, dark wax or white spots
  • The wax is smooth and rich and pleasant to touch 
  • The natural beeswax has a gentle, natural honey like aroma
  • There are no holes or cavities to affect burn quality
  • The wicks are top quality 100% cotton or cotton with a paper twist
  • The candles are handmade with care and attention to detail

All this is waiting for you and more when you experience burning a Honey Candles® natural beeswax candle made of 100% pure beeswax. Don’t take our word for it.  Find your favorite style in our Honey Candles® selection and give it a try.

Experience. Pure. Elegance

For more about the benefits of beeswax Love to Know Candles can tell you all about it.

Published By Pat Cattermole

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