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The Best 'Snuffer' for Your Beeswax Candlestick

When we decided to put burning instructions under the label of our Honey Candles® Taper Pairs part of the instructions included how best to extinguish your candlestick. We recommend a snuffer. I want to clarify what we consider a good snuffer. You may have a bell or cap shaped snuffer in mind. We find this doesn’t do the job nearly as well as a tong-like snuffer. It can be flat or bent on the tip but generally it smothers the flame immediately and if done properly will not damage the wick. Just gently squeeze the wick within the tongs and the flame will extinguish immediately and the wick will not smoke.

Honey Candles® recommends the tong-like snuffer and we know of a good source. CGHart makes the perfect smokeless candlestick snuffer. Their version has flat tongs and is shown in the info-photo on the right. This is our idea of the perfect smokeless snuffer. If you decide to order one from CGHart you can e-mail them at or phone 604-925-7824. Remember to let them know Honey Candles® sent you and quote “Honey” on your order.

Published By Pat Cattermole

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