The New Essentials oils used in beeswax candles

The New Essentials

This past week our owners Roy and Leah headed to Edmonton, Alberta to showcase Honey Candles® and meet new buyers at the Alberta Gift Show. Mission: Accomplished. As we expected, the hottest new item was the Honey Candles® Essentials Votives. These 100% natural beeswax votives are uncolored and infused with pure scents from nature.

Typically the visitors to our booth said they enjoyed the natural color and loved the scents. They were excited the stunning new fragrances only came from pure essential oils. The packaging was an attention grabber and the price was just right.

Essentials Votives are available in five refreshing, all natural scents:beeswax scented with essential oils

Country Lavender: The combination of lavender and sweet orange is both citrusy and flowery. A dash of Black Pepper gives Country Lavender a subtle spiced finish.

Mulled Spice: A winter favorite! Mulled Spice invokes feelings of sipping a hot apple cider in front of a fireplace with snow falling outside. A great way to add warmth to any room.

Kootenay Forest: Transport yourself to the pristine alpine wilderness of the Kootenay Mountains with this nature inspired blend.

Rosemary Mint: For those who enjoy a simple, clean blend, refreshing peppermint combined with herbaceous rosemary is absolute bliss. Makes a great air freshener.

Evening Bloom: The scent of this candle is inspired by a floral breeze on a warm summer evening - this candle is sure to delight your senses.

This week our shop has been busy pouring the Essentials Votives so keep an eye out for them to hit the shelves of your retailer- or skip the store and head online to purchase them on our website

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