versatile tea light beeswax candle in a holder for patio season

The Perfect Candles for Patio Season

The sun is out, spring is here and summer is right on its heels. The warmer weather means it’s time to bust out the lawn chairs, trade your boots for flip flops and sit on your patio to enjoy the sunshine. The time for barbeques and summer evenings enjoying the stars and the moonlight has just begun. It will come as no surprise that the team at Honey Candles loves to light beeswax candles while enjoying time on our patios, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite pure beeswax candles for patio season.

1. Tealights
Tealights are a resounding favourite amongst the Honey Candles crew and they are perfect for burning on the patio. They burn wonderfully inside hurricane lanterns, which protect them from windy conditions. Their small size means they still have ample oxygen when burned in a restrictive space and the flame will remain strong within a patio lantern. With a 5-6 hour burn time tealights will take you from the evening well past nightfall. The bonus is that cases of tealights are always discounted online, so you can stock up and enjoy beeswax candles night after night, all summer long.

2. Votives
Votives are an incredibly versatile candle that are great for patios and dining tables. Votives are always burned in a snug fitting cup as they fully liquify, which makes them perfect for illuminating your evening even as the sun sets. Natural beeswax votives burn for 15-16 hours so if you’re planning on spending a long evening entertaining, votives are the candle for you. Our pure beeswax handmade votives are available in bulk at a discount so you can stock up and be prepared for any last minute events!

3. Candle Tins
If you’re looking for a candle that’s easy to bring when you’re heading to your friend’s BBQ or if you’re going camping, beeswax tin candles are perfect. They don’t require dedicated holders since the beeswax burns within the container, making them perfect for simple packing when camping or bringing to a friend’s place. Honey Candles tins come in both natural beeswax and essential oil scented beeswax options, which both provide subtle, natural scents that soothe and relax for hours on end.

4. Citronella
The one thing that can be frustrating while relaxing during a summer evening on the deck, are pesky bug bites. Many people believe that Citronella deters mosquitoes and other insects that can leave us with irritating bites. Try Citronella candles this summer and see what you think! Honey Candles Citronella come in both tins and votives that create a great entertaining ambiance and because they are scented with natural Citronella oil they tend not to overwhelm the senses the way many artificial fragrances do.

Whatever your beeswax candle of choice we hope you enjoy many summer evenings enjoying beautiful weather!
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