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Two Easy Valentine's Crafts to make with your Kids

Valentine’s Day is just one week away! If you are looking for something to do with your family to celebrate the holiday of love, we have two simple activities that are perfect for you! Not only are these two projects a great way to spend quality time with your little ones, they will also make great gifts for parents, relatives, or other loved ones. This weekend try one (or both!) of these crafts!

Candle with Beeswax Hearts

Making candles is a complicated process that can be difficult to do at home. It’s tough to know which wick to use, what size to make and how the candles will perform when burned. Instead of dealing with the hassle of melting wax and finding a mold to make your own candle, you can put your own personal touch on an expertly crafted Honey Candle instead. With a few simple steps you can transform a natural Honey Candle Pillar into a beautiful Valentine’s Day creation!

You will need:
• A beeswax Pillar Candle
• Coloured beeswax sheets
• Heart cookie cutters

1. Using your cookie cutter, cut hearts out of your beeswax sheets - or cut them out free-hand if you’re feeling brave!
2. Warm the cut-out hearts in your hands and press them against the pillar candle
3. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day creation!

DIY Glass Tealight Holder

Candles aren’t the only thing that you can customize; candle holders can be given a personal touch too! Customized candle holders also make great gifts, especially for grandparents or those who may find a customized candle too precious to ever actually burn! With this cute Valentine’s Day tealight holder you can burn tealight after tealight and the beautiful creation remains unchanged!

You will need:
• A canning jar or other glass jar from your recycling (smooth sides are recommended)
• Tissue paper
• Scissors
• White craft glue
• A paint brush (this is for applying glue so an old used one is perfect)
• A beeswax tealight candle

1. Cut hearts or your desired shapes out of the tissue paper
2. Use your paint brush to apply the glue to the tissue paper and the jar, pressing the shape in place.
3. Let it dry
4. Place a Honey Candle tealight inside, light and enjoy!

We hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day and enjoy these simple crafts!

Published By Nicola Hum

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