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Unwind with Honey Candles

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After the hubbub of summer, a weekend with no plans or commitments is usually a welcome treat. The changing seasons seem to bring with them a changing pace. Fall is a time to slow down, relax and unwind.  It’s the blissful period after a summer full of fun activities and before the busy holiday season. Somehow, autumn gives us permission to relax and enjoy quiet nights at home or lazy Sundays free of obligations. If you are looking for ways to unwind, try some of our favorites this fall:

Read a book. There is nothing quite as cozy as a warm blanket on a cool evening, with your favorite book in hand and the amber glow of beeswax candles illuminating its pages. A good story can transport you into the book as you are enveloped in warmth and relaxed by the gentle honey aroma nearby. Add a cup of tea or hot apple cider to take your relaxation to the next level.

Take a bath.  If you are looking for even more warmth, a hot bath is a perfect activity for fall unwinding. Complete your bath with your favorite Epson salts or bubble bath. For full relaxation turn off the lights and light your way with pure beeswax tealights. If you find yourself still thinking about life’s many stressors, try adding soft music to shift your mind from the to-do-list to the melody. 

Practice mindfulness.  For many the best way to unwind after a busy day, week or season, is yoga and meditation. Taking time to practice yoga and meditate allows us to focus entirely on the current moment and be mindful. With your Chakra beeswax candles burning, you can truly focus on your inner balance. Even if yoga and meditation are new to you, there is no better time than fall to look for new ways to unwind.

Self care looks different to each one of us, but one thing many of us have in common is that when things get busy our personal wellbeing often falls to the wayside. Even if your self care is as simple as enjoying a cup of tea, this fall give yourself time to relax, unwind and be present. 
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